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Congratulations to Sarah Drake & Tiv Vass, ReedTMS Logistics’ Employees of the month for March. Sarah and Tiv have been incredible assets to our company and are regarded by their peers as some of the most helpful employees in the entire office.

Some of the comments as to why they were nominated are as follow:

Yesterday morning I came in early, with the expectation of finishing some major projects before a day filled with meetings. Instead, I was greeted with the dreaded blue screen of death on my computer.  Tiv immediately jumped into action, setting me up with a temporary computer so I could still stay on deadline.  He restored my original computer within an hour and has checked back with me several times yesterday and today to make sure I haven’t had any further issues.  His prompt response, quick thinking, and amazing attitude, in my opinion, was above and beyond. I only had minor down time.”

I was working late night and needed some help well past midnight. Tiv picked up the call and took care of this with no complaints. His work ethic is truly remarkable and he is an incredible asset to our team.”

He is fast, productive, and always fixes the problem; he explains what the problem is and how he is going to fix the issue. He is always on point! I can always count on Tiv to  fix whatever issue arises. Thank you, Tiv for all you have done”

“Sarah was tasked with putting together an internship program. She did not work with any internship programs before. She researched the topic, attended webinars, read articles and put together an amazing event for the interns that showed interest in our company.

She killed it with the internship interview and setting up the program! Her work was above and beyond.”

She has gone above and beyond her daily duties and is responsible for getting our summer intern program off and running.  She sought out guidance and support to put together learning outcomes, and secured 14 qualified candidates for our on-site interviews.  All 14 interviews were qualified and exceptional.  She is amazing and worked hard on this project.

Thanks for all you do Sarah & Tiv, keep up the good work!