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Congratulations to Maria Angelo, ReedTMS Logistics’ Employees of the month for October! Maria is all about teamwork. So when she was recently surprised with the honor of being named ReedTMS Logistics Employee of the Month for October,  it wasn’t surprising to hear her contribute the win to a strong team. 

Some of the comments as to why she was nominated are as follow:

“Maria can only be desribed by the word Superstar. She has a tremendous attitude and is always will to step up to a challenge.”

“Maria’s metrics are simply incredible. She consistantly sets the bar for the work in her department and is a great asset to the night shift. She alwyas gets things done in a timely manner and provides excellent communication and service.”

“She is such a strong individual and an example to the entire team. Maria makes an effort to know every employee even though her shift is at a different time than most. We describe ourselves as a family and she definitely plays a major role in keeping us together.

Thanks for all you do Maria keep up the good work!