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Mike Fullam
Michael Fullam
Executive Vice President
Michael Fullam came to ReedTMS in October of 2018 as Director of Sales and was later appointed as the Executive Vice President. Michael was able to hone his communication, project management, and leadership skills through his diverse experience within the supply chain. During his 11 year career at C.H. Robinson, Michael became a leader and subject matter expert within global sales, solution design, and implementation. A La Salle University graduate and a life-long fan of all Philadelphia sports, his competitive spirit informs his approach to both leadership and customer service. He wants to be a winner and he wants our clients to be winners. Michael guides Reed’s Branch Network of leaders with the commitment needed to develop winning solutions for clients all over the country and to provide unprecedented, forward-thinking customer service. He is passionate about many things like fishing and golf, embracing them more as a lifestyle than a hobby. In whatever he does Michael is focused. Much like a morning on the golf course, Michael is energized by tackling problems and finding the perfect solution. “I am excited every day to work with our clients,” he says. “In my role, I collaborate with customers and partners to create transportation and logistics programs that provide a competitive edge in the marketplace and ultimately help them grow their business.”