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March 8th, 2019 — In honor of International Women’s Day, we asked our female colleagues what it takes to be successful in a male dominated industry.

Amy Thomas, Director of Financial Operations

“It’s about finding the middle ground to communicate effectively. You can’t be afraid to speak your mind,” affirms Amy on transcending the “boy’s club” mentality.

Starting with our company over ten years ago as a billing rep, Amy Thomas has grown into an integral part of our accounting department and our ReedTMS family. She states that the ability to think logically and not emotionally and the ability to empower people around her has compelled her into her current role.

Brandi Davis, Operations Manager

Brandi runs the show on our Dry Ops team. She started in dispatch and has been with ReedTMS for 5 years this April. Brandi has achieved success by working hard and gaining the respect of her peers, stating that “relationships are a huge part of this business internal & external.”

“My advice to woman in this industry would be to keep PUSHING!!…  Measure your success by how successful you can make the people around you, if you are always pushing people to find their next level, you will level up also.”

Amy Meifert, Operations Manager TMS

Amy has been at ReedTMS Logistics for over 7 years and is originally from Wisconsin. She possesses a master’s degree in strategic management and has a background in HR and accounting. Working in trucking, Amy admits you must be tough and realistic but says she loves what she does because it is always a challenge and every day is different. When asked what it takes to be successful in this industry, Amy quotes Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Alexis Hardy, Carrier Technology Manager

Originally from New York, Alexis is a USF grad and has been with ReedTMS for four years. She has moved up through operations and learned a lot along the way. She generously attributes part of her success to leaderships’ willingness to cross train and teach new skills. For women looking to enter the industry, Alexis advises putting on your big girl pants and having the confidence to speak up and get your voice heard.

Jessica Alonso, Accounts Payable Specialist

Jessica reentered the workforce as a single parent 7 years ago after being a stay at home mom for her son and has been with ReedTMS Logistics ever since. Jessica has seen her department grow from five to seventeen and has seen herself grow tremendously as a professional as well. Her advice: “To encourage one another as women to stick together and to bring the best out of each and everyone one of us.”

Mackenzie Reed, Account Manager

Mackenzie is a member of Women in Trucking and has been in the industry a little over a year. She believes in a constant learning cycle and asking as many questions as possible. “When I am well informed, I am confident in who I am and what I know and that I have what it takes to be good at my job.”

(Photo from the left: Sarah Drake, Mackenzie Reed, Alexis Hardy, Brandi Davis, Jessica Alonso, Amy Thomas, and  Amy Meifert)