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ReedTMS October 2017 Employee of the Month!

Congratulations to Kimberly Neyman and Michael Hartman, ReedTMS Logistics’ Employees of the month for October. Kim and Michael both have an incredible amount of work ethic. They continuously go above and beyond what is expected of them on a daily basis.

Some of the comments as to why they were nominated are as follow:

“Kim is a focused and attentive account manager. She remains focused on the teams book of business throughout the workday, afterhours and over the weekend.”

“Her team’s book of business has been doing as well as it has been recently in large part due to her effort to be persistent and seek out answers.”

“Kim comes to work with an attitude that is very contagious. She goes about doing her job and doesn’t seek to make any excuses, but rather works on creating answers”.

“Michael is a local driver that is willing to layover in the truck when needed as well as volunteering loads that are generally hard to cover driver-wise. He thoroughly cleans each and every truck he uses, leaving the trucks in like-new condition.”

“Michael is always on time for his pick up and deliveries. He doesn’t complain about waiting for loads or anything he ever has to do. He is a real professional when it comes to his duties.”

“Michael is extremely knowledgeable in the field of trucking. Not once does he need to be reprimanded for anything. When he gets in a truck you know that the situation is going to be taken care of”

Thanks for all you do Kimberly and Michael, keep up the good work!

Quarterly Rockstar And September Employee of The Month

Congratulations to Maritza Garcia, ReedTMS Logistics’ Quarterly Rockstar and Pat Lyman ReedTMS’s Employee of the month for September. Pat and Maritza have routinely gone above and beyond their own job responsibilities to help the team in whatever way possible.


Some of the comments as to why they were nominated are as follow:

“Pat had a team member leave this month and took on many different roles including building, scheduling, rating, track and tracing.”

”Pat came into the office during the hurricane, to cover 2 problematic loads that were uncovered. He also worked with the carrier team to provide spot rates. The guy has a tremendous attitude that is contagious to the rest of us”

“Pat went out of his way to present oppurtunities for ReedTMS to expand its brand in our local community. He helped to spearhead the donation drive for Lockhart Elementary school and attended the school to present the gifts.”

“Maritza just simply works non stop in incredibly high volume areas.”

“Maritza’s region was greatly affected by hurricane Irma, but she put her head down and made no excuses.”

“How often do we here the term first in, last out the office? Maritza is the definition of this cliché and is one of the few people I know that actually fits that description. Pleasure to work with her!”

Thank you for all you do for us Maritza & Pat we look forward to your continued success!

ReedTMS August 2017 Employee of the Month!

Congratulations to Alexis Hardy and Jason Gensrick, ReedTMS Logistics’ Employees of the month for August. Alexis and Jason both have an incredible amount of work ethic. They continuously are willing to help in areas where the business needs them.

Some of the comments as to why they were nominated are as follow:

“Alexis has done tremendous work in two of the hardest markets/zones there are, mainly by herself.”

“What I like about Alexis’s accomplishments is that they are tangible. What she has done is not perception based, but real.”

“She comes in and WORKS! It’s 10 toes down, grinding type of work. The kind of stuff that most would turn their nose too. The type of stuff that most have opinions over sitting down and actually covering loads.

“Jason continues to strive at becoming the best in his responsibilities”

“Jason looks at every challenge as an opportunity and we are thankful to have him on our team.”

“Jason asked to take on even more work after a fellow employee resigned. This type of initiative and teamwork is exemplary on so many different levels. Jason’s positive attitude and eagerness to take on more to help the team have made him an outstanding choice for Employee of the Month.”

Thanks for all you do Jason and Alexis, keep up the good work!

ReedTMS May 2017 Employees of the month!

Congratulations to Eric DeBrand and Osmel Figueroa, ReedTMS Logistics’ Employees of the month for May. Eric and Osmel both have an abundance of one trait TEAMWORK. They continuously are willing to help in areas where the business needs them and may be short staffed on occasional days.

Some of the comments as to why they were nominated are as follow:

“Osmel is one of our Florida local drivers. He is continually suggesting ideas for improvement. He trains all the new local drivers that come on board and then he voluntarily mentors them once they are out on their own.”

” If there is ever an issue with one of Osmels runs, he handles it with the up most professionalism and will stay out in the truck if needed. He has become one of the main drivers used on a new ReedTMS account and has done an upmost phenomenal job.”

“Osmel  always picks up and delivers on time. He trains new employees without hesitation and always has a positive demeanor.”

“Eric DeBrand is the ultimate team player by switching his schedule to accommodate us in our time of need.”

“Eric has recently come aboard and has an outstanding attitude. On top of this he is always willing to help employees in whatever they need and has even taken on additional responsibility to temporarily fill a need”

‘Eric is an amazing team player, but on top of that the guy simply knows what he is doing and gets it done at a high level without giving excuses”

Thanks for all you do Eric and Osmel, keep up the good work!

Reed’s Quarterly Rock Star!

Each month ReedTMS employees nominate their fellow colleagues to spin the prize wheel. Throughout the fist half of the year, employee Jeff was nominated more times than any other person in the office. So today, Jeff became our first quarterly rock star spinning the wheel for bigger and better prizes! Prizes went up in value 250% offering things like a two night stay on St. Pete Beach to two tickets to swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove. Watch Jeff spin the wheel and win a $300 Publix gift card!

Some of the nominations were :

“Jeff is probably the hardest working son of a gun in this office. He may complain but he sure gets the job done. Give him a chance to spin.”

“He always works hard on and off the clock. Dedicated to servicing the customer.”

“Jeff has a very full plate but seems to always stay on top of the issues that come up. He maintains a good attitude while not only helping out Mike but track and trace, order entry, accounting, etc. He works hard, it shows and is appreciated. ”

“Jeff is a true stand out employee. He goes over, above and beyond our duties as an account manager. He is very involved in all of his accounts and has the best interest at heart for Reed.”

“I think that he goes above and beyond in his position. He always jumps in to help out where ever needed, even when he is swamped with other work.”

“He busts his butt 24/7 for this place and I would be empty without him.”

Congratulations Jeff and keep up the outstanding work!