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What’s the Top Issue Facing the Trucking Industry in 2017?

The ELD mandate was the number-one issue on everybody’s mind in 2016 – not surprising, as we’re now only one year away from enforcement of mandatory electronic logging devices in every truck built since the year 2000.

The ATRI conducts this survey every year, and the 2016 edition had one new entry in the top 10: The cumulative economic impacts of regulations. That came in at number 3, behind the ELD mandate and Hours of Service rules, both of which also just happen to be regulatory concerns. The new entry bumped driver health and wellness out of the top 10.

Here’s the full top 10 from ATRI’s survey:

  1. ELD Mandate
  2. Hours of Service
  3. Cumulative Economic Impact of Regulations
  4. Truck Parking
  5. Economy
  6. CSA
  7. Driver Shortage
  8. Driver Retention
  9. Infrastructure / Congestion / Funding
  10. Driver Distraction

Truck parking jumped up two spots from the previous year’s list, and the ATRI recently completed an in-depth case study of truck parking shortages. The study focused on times when the demand for parking was highest — evenings and early mornings on weekdays — and observed that drivers who used ELDs tended to spend more time looking for parking than drivers who did not.

In other words, the ELD mandate could make the parking problem worse.

The ATRI parking study included some recommendations. Some examples are more flexible appointments with shippers/receivers, drivers shifting their hours of operation, and carriers paying their drivers’ registration fees when they use parking reservation systems.

Story By: Matt Sulivan at DAT