August’s Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Kevin Schrock, ReedTMS Logistics’ employee of the month. Kevin has been an employee who always shows an extremely positive attitude and seeks to help the company in as many ways as possible. Last month, despite a couple unforeseen leaves of absences Kevin’s department exceeded expectations in large part due to his diligent work.

Some of the comments were as follows:
“We had quite a few associates on vacation in the month of August and Kevin stepped up on the operations side with booking freight in every zone imaginable. He did everything that our management team asked of him without question and kept a positive attitude the whole time without allowing us to fall behind.”
“Kevin is an incredible employee who always displays a positive attitude. It’s remarkable the amount of work he does.”
“He knocks loads right out of the park and help assist in other lanes when need be!”
Thanks for all you do Kevin, keep up the good work!

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