Monthly Archives: December 2016

November Employees Of The Month

Congratulations to John Pitsch and Phillip Medinger , ReedTMS Logistics’ employees of the month! John Pitsch has been an incredible asset to the Ltl team and has gone above and beyond in helping other areas within the company with their duties. While Phillip, a local Cedar Grove driver routinely takes on any task assigned to him and is willing to cover emergency loads for the company.


Some of the comments as to why they were nominated are as follows:
“Over the past month Phil Mendinger who is a local Cedar Grove driver has taken emergency road loads for us. He has gone to New Jersey, Tennessee, and Michigan. With out his volunteering to help out we would have missed 3 high profile customer loads.”
“Phil is one of our local WI drivers. He is always willing to help out and recently has taken several over the road loads to make sure loads for our Customers delivered on time. He often volunteers for extra work on the weekends and has a good attitude.”
“John went out of his way numerous times to help me with calendar related tasks. He personally booked a carrier, unloaded, and moved the pallets for me.”
Thanks for all you do Phillip and John, keep up the good work!