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I-64 bridges project in W.Va. to constrict lanes this week

The West Virginia Division of Highways got work under way on Friday, March 27, on the rehabilitation of 19 bridges in the Charleston area along Interstate 64. The project begins at the Eugene Carter Memorial Bridge (also known as Fort Hill Bridge) and ends where the Brooks Street on-ramp enters the interstate.

Numerous expansion joints will be replaced, a Latex Modified Concrete will be applied to bridge decks, and several cathodic protection systems will be replaced. Four structures utilize the cathodic system, which is a technique used to control corrosion of metal in the bridge deck.
Traffic control set up will take place over the next three weekends with actual construction work expected to begin in early April.

WvDOT noted lane closures expected between milemarkers 57 and 59 from today through Thursday as follows:

Monday, March 30, 8 p.m. continuing through 6 a.m.: Two left lanes closed EB, fast lane closed WB.

Tuesday, March 31, same time: Single lane closure EB and WB.

Wednesday, April 1, same time: Slow lanes closed EB and WB.

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Texting and walking, woman is hit by train

Police say a 27-year-old woman who was texting walked into the path of a freight train, was clipped and thrown into the air, but survived. Police say Sheena Keynna appeared to be texting Monday afternoon as she walked around the crossing gates and into the path of the passing freight train in Lakeland in central Florida.

Police Sgt. Gary Gross told the Ledger of Lakeland the woman “wasn’t paying attention.” She suffered a compound fracture to her right arm, and her right leg was injured. She was taken to a hospital, but no additional information was available. CSX spokeswoman Kristin Seay says the train had two locomotives and was carrying consumer goods from Winter Haven to Jacksonville. Two Amtrak trains were delayed during the investigation.

Stories like this make my shake my head. You are so consumed with pointless clicking on your cell phone that you are hit by a train?! A moving, screaming, loud freight train. I’ve seen amusing videos of people walking into poles or falling into fountains but this has gone too far. There is nothing that important. The world’s obsession with cell phones had become a sad epidemic.

A few weeks ago I was driving through downtown Tampa and watched a person on their phone almost walk directly into the path of my car. I had a green light, they had a “Do NOT cross” sign, but those are both only helpful if you’re head is up to see them. Luckily I saw what was happening and honked and pedestraisn was able to look up and realize he was about to walk into a busy intersection and stop himself, but it could have been worse. What if I too had been looking at my phone? That could have been a disaster.

No matter what terrible things happen, too many people still refuse to put the phone down, and this particular woman almost paid for that obsession with her life. Every once in a while, put the phone down and actually SEE the world around you. Life is more beautiful than your phone’s screen anyway.