Produce Transportation

We are the cold-chain experts you need to arrange the most time-sensitive, perishable items. The produce team is comprised of professionals with expertise in all types of produce from all major

growing regions across North America with familiarity hauling produce in the Midwest, Southeast,

on the East Coast and West Coast. We have experience buying and selling perishables, managing

brands, and servicing the export trade, so we understand your challenges and how to add value

to your supply chain.

Produce shipments are not something to take lightly, and we only work with the best produce

carriers to make sure you are getting the premium service you expect. We coordinate with carriers

to ensure the equipment has been properly pre-cooled and the product count, description and temperature are in accordance with customer specifications.

Refrigerated services include:
• Just-in-time delivery
• One-stop shop for all seasonal ordering patterns
• Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
• Surge, holiday and overflow coverage
• Multi-pick and multi-drop orders
• Long-term and short-term contracts